Sunday, January 4, 2015

New clothes and look good luck of the new year

In 2014, the phone run out the last drop, after tomorrow, is new in 2015, thanks for this one year, effort, a long, full, happy, rewarding. New look of wearing new clothes for the new year, can lift fortunes costumes for some magic new year, new year, horoscope is more, good luck all year.

Super has energy sense of red, like passion burning of flame, full active optimistic of appeal, let people blood surging, red is this year most fire of pop color, end not of party, and Festival, more is let red popular, China like wear red of history compared long, above to primitive, on has wear red evil, and Geely of claims, so traditional of wedding to festivity of Red mainly adjustable, new year opened shipped, red is occasional of color, on new year's day with festive of Red lit good luck, blessing, evil, help shipped, let new of a years fire fire fire ~~

Eye-catching of Golden has always been to people luxury, and rich of feels, because golden since with bright dazzling of light, is most brilliant of color, no which a color than it more easy let people Lenovo to wealth, and brilliant, and gorgeous, and noble, not only China ancient of wealth to gold to metric, Emperor preferences wear Golden of robes, world many national of Royal color are to Golden for tone. Gold should not be widely used, but in the mix in the form of accessories, patterns, used as embellishment, lets you dress up sparkling. New year with Golden lucky and bring the full potential of good luck for the coming year.