Sunday, January 4, 2015

Do a warm person

Time passed fast, blink of an eye in it has been snowing for ten years.
Writer Malcolm Gladwell in his book in the different States: "people think genius is sublime, not superior talent, but have made continuous efforts. As long as after 10,000 hours of exercise, anyone can turn from ordinary to extraordinary. "He will be referred to as the" 10,000-hour law ".
I am sure that this point!
In fact, it is the process of personal growth self-help process are also independent processes. Cognitive orientation to themselves this decade, has never wavered ... ...
What is truly independent?
I think that independence should be able to give, and not only does not demand. Independence was not a personal life, not to make money to feed themselves. Famous, richest in the world, body positions may not be truly independent. Independence can be in control of your life direction, the judge has a professional, ideological, spiritual, constructive opinion. Needs to have the creative ability to work independently, the independent was able to give the world some new possibilities that independence is a symbol of human being ... ...
Ten years of business, and I slowly started to understand this. A mind, consciousness is the basis of true freedom and independence.
In the course of doing business, I find misery, conflict and moral challenges facing far more than in life, what kinds of ideas, how to make ideas which are very important. In the implementation process, there are many paths, there are many ways to solve, which is our projection of the self. A person's core values are not classified in the life and career of watershed. Enterprise growth process must have its own process of growing and cultivation. Enterprises can make someone's character. Lead pursuit and personality, will go into the corporate, as well as soul, is the keynote of the enterprise.
Become a kind of person, this proposition as personal image design, as is the problems I face on a daily basis.
Ten years, neither long nor short. Faced with a choice, difficulties encountered seigneur, on dream ... ... The next decade, but also to set a tone, that is, do a warm – a slight laugh, love gently, as sincere as a child; as serene as the sky; warm like the Sun.
Zhu Bo friends happy new year, new year beautiful together!