Sunday, January 4, 2015

Collision of black with retro prints

If you wear a ride as a way of life, then according to the transformation scenes, moods to change their style of dressing, fashion attitude would be particularly good!
Think carefully, did not give its own box died a fixed style, specializes in European and American fan and sometimes can take a little retro.

This fall/winter selection fixed (frozen) who is not beautiful, a retro print umbrella, shoulder black striped suit coat. A soft, a soft collision just wonderful "fashion reactions."
Now an overcoat, are used to go into battle, not only elegant and complete.
I personally prefer a minimalist style, because the most enduring classics. Such a tough long suit coat, vertical stripes to body modification, matching skirt and trouser suits were very helpful. Collided with the umbrella out mellow, if trousers are more prominent capable.